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He/she might have erased your texts, but they’ll never forget what you wrote. They might have UN-friended you, but they’ll never forget your pictures. They might have stopped talking to you because they deleted your contacts, but they’ll never forget your voice. They might have ignored you, but they’ll never forget your face. They might have stopped hugging you, but they’ll never forget your smell. They might not be a part of your life anymore, but they’ll never forget you and all the memories you shared. Yeah! That is the GUY/LADY who was truly loving you at heart but was forced to separate with you because of some pressure & negativity from friends and external reasons like tribal differences, family influence, different cultures, different religions, your appearance or style and many more… He/she will always think of you and you will always be his/her TRUE LOVE though you are not together….. But don’t lose HOPE, if at all he was meant to be yours, no matter how many years will pass by destiny will bring you together and you will adore each other. Just continue praying to God, and it MAY just happen.

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Forever love :) 11.26.10

March 8.2011 yours forever

“Juss wanna let my Ana Ornelas know how I feel about her :) “


“With mi amor Ana juss got sum movies gonna juss chill n cuddle with her :) grrrr yummy jeje”

December 14, 2010 at 6:43pm

Gettin a new tat saturday,goin to lights at the zoo its been awhile n movies ;) cnt eait to spend time with her awsome Oooo yea ;)

November 29 2010 “On lunch break :) man work seems alrite today got ppl here takin fotos of wat I have on lol txtn the babe :)”

“Wtf why can’t I sleep shit ;( Im on my second movie n still ain’t sleepy txtn mi amor Ana”

“Juss got off the fone wit mi ana bouta finish watchin this movie n try to fall asleep work at 2”

November28 “Hey lil mama,oh she’s a stunna,hot lil figure yes she a winner n im glad to be her’s,cause she’s one of a kind”

“Can’t sleep cause of the feeling im having about her its amazing how she makes me feel wen I talk to her ;) i lyke this bt um watchn a movie so I can knock out”

Nov.26 “Home relaxin dancin with the nephew n niece :) txtn mi GTO Babe”

“Juss got home from shoppin with the prima got sum stuff para mananas games! !! ;) Go Buckeyes whooop whooop txtn mi GTO amor Ana”

Nov.25 “Juss got off the fone with la mas bonita chica from da GTO she amazing n its great ;)”

“Idk how to explain the way she makin me feel for her bt I gotta say its very amazing n. Baby I like! !! I-I-I like it :)”

“Juss got off the fone with my future gf Ana Jeannette im really startin to feel very comfortable with her I lyke her”

Nov.23 “Txtn the most very very bonita chica in la 419 Ana Jeannette Ornelas she fuckn amazing, crazi,sexi,cool lyke this chica ;) makes me smile”

“Man I was on the fone for 3 hrs talk to the most amazing gurl had a really good chat n feelin about her !! Hope we can start sumthing special ;)”

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